You have been waiting for an opportunity...

to do something about climate change long enough,

because it's up to you to act now!

You might have been waiting to do your PDC for a while now,

browsing the right course…

But they all seem so…overwhelming

Maybe you were lacking money because doing your permaculture design course can costs you thousands of dollars (believe me, the money is worth it but it’s not for everyone)

You feel that taking this course will open doors for you

And it's the answer to the destruction of our beautiful planet.

Hi, I'm Kai Grey and I'll be your teacher

Kai Grey-he/they pronouns

Regenerative Landscape Expert

Some say that Kai is the key to save humanity (Merel Kriegsman)

It is his mission to heal 30 million acres of soil a year to reverse climate change. And you are going to help!

He studied among the best to bring you the best; Garden Historian (Magna Cum Laude) with focus on community gardens, Regenerative Agriculture taught by Dr. Vandana Shiva, Permaculture Design Course (PDC) taught by Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison. Soil advocacy with Kiss the ground, Soil food web consultant with Dr. Elain Ingram, Holistic Land management by Allan Savory. Kai also consults for Climate Farmers EU.

If you don’t find them knee deep in gardening books, he is outdoors on adventures, or going out for lunch with his two sons (dressed up as superheroes)

'I love the structure, atmosphere and so far it's also really clear: it is structured and Kai provides context to the information. I love the video's and also love the podcast idea: comes in handy to listen when I want. It's not my first PDC, but for some reason (still trying to put my finger on it), this information is easier to acces, intake and understand.'
- L., PDC student

Get your PDC certificate

This Permaculture Design Course comes with certification, your proof you have done the 72 hour course that will teach you all the principles of permaculture (and more).

Get deep into the Dirt

Soil healing is proving to be of crucial importance in basically every natural process. In this course, an entire section is dedicated to the newest insights on soil health and healing. It is not called the Black Gold for nothing.

What other people say...

"Kai is a walking encyclopedia"

Sophia Remolde

"I'm really impressed with the info in the course and the teaching style."


You have reset me"

Tamara Wederfoort

"What you have done to our garden is amazing"

Ingeborg Soolsma

"Very addictive once you get in touch with Kai"

Lieke Vierhout

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Advanced Permaculture Garden Design Course

  Section 1: Permaculture Design Course (Bill Mollison, taught by Kai Grey)
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  Section 2: Working with the elements
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  3. Documents
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